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Tooth - Wash - grade acoustic electric toothbrush

Issuing time:2018-07-04 14:31


The vibration is 31000 times a minute, which is comparable to that of the toothed grade electric toothbrush. A brush with scientific brush, only 2 minutes each time, easy to have a clean and beautiful teeth brushing artifact - BOCALI acoustic electric toothbrush, can keep you away from the annoying oral problems, all directions to protect the health of the teeth.

Compared to the same kind of toothbrush, "silly big", BOCALI uses a small fuselage, with the 360 degree round design with zero angle. The handle of the curved surface is in accordance with the ergonomic design, and the handle is just in hand.  The pure white fuselage fused with ceramic elements and the only bright silver button are smooth and simple, giving out comfortable and penetrating visual beaut.

BOCALI on the surface of the 4 layers of piano paint technology, in addition to comfortable grip, at the same time easy to clean, even in the bathroom do not worry about the yellow black, gently wipe to be soaked, really longnew.

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Using the magnetic suspension acoustic motor as the power source, it can achieve 31000 times of vibration per minute, 5.5mm millimeter amplitude and 230gf.cm torque output. In order to penetrate the teeth where the teeth are hard to touch, to reach over 100 times the ultra strong cleaning effect beyond the manual toothbrush, and the noise value is less than 50 decibels, regardless of early morning or night use, do not worry about the annoying buzz.

At the same time, through the comparison of dental cleaning, whitening, polishing and softening, 4 smart cleaning models are available.  According to different oral conditions, choose the most suitable mode to clean teeth and protect teeth better.  

In addition, with intelligent memory, intelligent timing function, each opening will automatically restore to the common mode, avoid duplication of simple and practical, more in the time of 2 minutes, every 30s brush head will stop 0.5s, automatically remind clean other areas, scientific clean teeth to ensure that you can take care of every tooth in the mouth of the teeth .

The most important thing to mention is that the toothbrush needs to be in close contact with the mouth, so the quality of the brush is very important, with the US FDA certified DuPont brushing, each carefully arranged, with a special cutting shape, a full range of teeth, and a more safe, hygienic, and safe time to clean the teeth. The cavity and gums.  

In addition, BOCALI has passed the IPX7 certification, even if it is submerged for a depth of 30 meters, it will not cause any damage to it. The suspension type wireless inductive charging design eliminates the power line's fetter, so that it can be picked up immediately.  And better charge closed design, even in the shower do not have to worry about any exposure hazards, can be assured of safe use.

Charging for 15 hours, using 2 teeth per day to calculate, can be used for up to 35 days, no frequent charging, forget to take charge base is not afraid, for frequent travel and travel users have a better sense of use.  Check here to learn more about it.

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