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A funny Dynamic projection tracking technique

Issuing time:2018-07-03 17:03

Now TV is more and more unable to satisfy our pursuit of vision. Therefore, the projector is doing more and more. What super HD, 1080P, 4K is no longer a problem!

Would you like to plug into your pocket and watch a big movie? An intelligent mini projector with L-MIX! Less than the size of the palm, it can project 100 inch ultra high definition quality. Is it too troublesome to manipulate? There is a SONY Xperia Touch that can operate directly on the projection screen. But these projectors still can't satisfy some people. From the Ishikawa Watanabe laboratory in University of Tokyo, Japan, they launched the latest dynamic projection tracking technology.


The projection screen will also shake with your jitter. It's like printed on paper. You simply can't feel it's a projection. Even if you stretch your clothes, the wind blows the clothes. The image is also deformed!  Do you think this is the worst? No The latest generation of DynaFlash V2 they have recently researched is really amazing. Not only can it track the dynamics of the projective target perfectly.  The dynamic effect of 3D can also be achieved. The picture displayed is vivid, which makes people look a little scared.


It feels like these pictures are coming out of your body.  Moreover, switching pictures is like superpower in science fiction movies.  Although it feels a bit spicy, the technology is really amazing. In addition to the creation of some magnificent works of art, You can also build a collection of virtual reality.

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