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The US has designed a future chariot, but the wheels are not round.

Issuing time:2018-07-02 17:15


Round wheels are common, but they are always unable to cope with bad road conditions. The tracks can be adapted to various non paved complex surfaces. Can you combine the two?

Recently, the United States The Pentagon Research Institute, the National Defense Advanced Research Program (DARPA) and the national robotics center of Carnegie Mellon University, invented a black technology for future chariots.


It can also be called "adaptive deformable wheel". It takes only 2 seconds, This wheel can be switched between wheel and crawler. The RWT system covers a number of new technologies and applications. The military also pointed out: we want to increase the mobility, viability, safety and effectiveness of future chariots by adding armor.  And according to the planning of DARPA: Compared with today's armored combat vehicles, GXV-T is more suitable for terrain of 95%, and the speed is increased by 100%. This reduces the probability that the chariots are found and attacked by the enemy.

Although the government has not yet revealed how the system works, it can be seen from the video that each wheel of the vehicle has six deformable supports, and the outline can evolve into a round wheel when it is pulled out. When the bracket is recovered inside, the circular wheel will evolve into a triangle and crawler.

Of course, these technologies are developed to improve the maneuverability of the chariot. But the future will also be applied to ordinary cars.

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