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With this pen, I can use 1 USD cable for 5 years!

Issuing time:2018-06-29 17:55

Billions of dollars in sales in the smartphone industry, A large part comes from cable accessories such as chargers. Careful observation shows that the data line is easily broken or peeled. They are all caused by wear between the plug and cable.

It is not only ugly to repair broken wires with insulating tape. It is possible that there may be leakage of electricity. So there's a designer called Blufixx, Enough to get rid of the cable accessories!  He developed a polymer based "repair pen" with wood, metal, ceramics and stone. And, the flexible polymer gel is also attached. You can fix the broken data line.


Yes, this is a guy who looks like Mark's pen. It can quickly fix cables that seem useless.  Look at a simple operation ~ Smear the glue at the data line first . Then use the built-in ultraviolet lamp to illuminate the position. After about 3-5 seconds, the glue is hardened to OK!  The repaired data line is equivalent to forming a new protective cover. UV curing liquid gel will turn it into a tough and hard waterproof coating. This durable polymer material has a long life span of 5 years. The service life of the wire is prolonged almost indefinitely.

In addition, it can repair broken earphone wire interface.  

The price of the magic pen is about 15 dollars, and it is still in the crowd. Can be said to be friendly to the user, the price is also personal! If you like it, you could join in our facebook group and tell us your ideas.  

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