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The first time I saw this artifact, I could only sigh that my face had been washed before.

Issuing time:2018-06-25 19:07


The first time I saw this artifact, I could only sigh that my face had been washed before.

Darkest technology yesterday

"Cleanliness, care and care at one time will make you feel bored.

To achieve a good cleaning effect, it is not enough to rely on washing your face only. You also need other facial cleanser to help you.

A French skin care small brand State No 9 monitor R & D, the perfect combination of amino acid cleansing and electroacoustic waves of high tech facial cleaners - State No 9 acoustic massage Amino Acid Cleansing Cream Face instrument, so that face can be relaxed to face an extreme care.

Amino acid cleansing and electrokinetic sound wave

Perfect high-tech face cleaning artifact


State No 9 acoustic massage amino acid cleansing milk washing instrument


The combination of three natural plant spices, such as bergamot, purple cedar and toon bean musk, can not only avoid the stimulation of chemical spices, but also have a fresh and elegant fragrance. The combination of the three spices can also improve the self repairing ability of the skin without any burden to the skin, and can be used for pregnant women, children and sensitive muscles.

Compared with the ordinary cleanser, it contains 8 major components of the price ratio, enough to be amazing to you, for example, the yeast extract can even be comparable to SK-II.

In addition to "inner", StateNO.9 is equipped with a silicone massage head based on the body's mechanics, which can be used vertically to make the skin clean more thoroughly, and the silicone material does not cause any damage to the skin.

The specific use method is as follows

Unscrew the mouth of cleanser and cleanser to the left

Close the mouth to the right after squeezing out the cleanser

Button switch on the face washer


Begin to wash your face

It is very practical and simple to catch the foot.

In the process of washing face, the amino acid, hyaluronic acid and yeast extract in the cleansing milk will penetrate into the skin by vibration massage to promote the regeneration of collagen in the face skin, and make the skin more transparent.

Persisting in use can also help open the pores, 60 without a dead angle to help you push out the dirty things in the pores, drive away the make-up, reduce the facial gloss and the thickness of the cuticle so that you can experience an unprecedented depth of cleanliness.

Speaking of which you must feel very strong, but you can't see the effect. OK no problem. In order to prove how useful it is, we did a set of experiments.

Vibration effect of acoustic massage cleanser in water

Experiment of removing makeup from oranges to simulate pores

The orange is coated on 1 and 2 oranges, respectively

To simulate the effect of pores

Cleaning 2 oranges by hand

The pore fluid can be seen obviously

No thorough cleaning

No. 1 orange cleaned with StateNO.9

We can see that the foundation fluid in the pores is thoroughly cleaned.

And no residual super clean

(the above is in cleaning, the following is after cleaning)

A wave of high-definition comparison shows that 100% of the experimental results show that StateNO.9 cleansing is very useful.

Experiments on oranges have been able to clearly see its cleanliness, and the make-up painted on the hands is also easy and unstressed.

Before the left is deep cleanliness

Free makeup without residue after cleaning right

In addition, the design of a "head" dual use, in addition to the edge of the edge of the skin care, but also through the sound of sound and silicone massage head, in the follow-up skin care process when used as a massage instrument.

Using acoustic massage can better promote the essence of skin care products into the deep skin.

Normally watch TV in the sofa, take it directly to match the essence to massage the face. After use, you will find that it also has the magic effect on the skin of the face.

Comparison of the effect of tighten and pull the skin of the face

Laxity of the facial skin before use

On the right, the effect is very obvious.

I have to say the combination of amino acid cleansing and silica gel massage head, so that after insisting on the use, the skin can obviously improve the moisture, and every pore can be washed clean, the black head on the nose is not, the pores are also smaller, and finally can follow the large pores, greasy face.

Skin water comparison: 29.9% VS 51.3%

The black head on the nose is also improved

The pores on the cheeks are obviously narrowed

99 yuan at the original price

Only 79 yuan for time limited special benefits

Acoustic massage amino acid cleansing milk washing instrument

State No 9

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