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High tech Water refrigeration cup
Issuing time:2018-06-15 18:53

Necessity for summer! The refrigeration speed is 6 times faster than that of the refrigerator, you can drink the last bite naturally!

The hot summer has arrived, and all kinds of cold drinks have become "regular customers" to quench thirst and relieve summer heat.

Referring to cold drinks and soda water, the first thing come to your midn maybe the Coca-Cola and Sprite soda. Coca-Cola has 100 years history, plus summer's overwhelming advertisemen which makes it the spokesman for summer cold drinks. In addition to this hot weather, as long as we mention cola, maybe everyone can't help swallowing it.

Coke to add ice, love me to go! This means that coke and ice are the best match! How can I drink Cola Soda without ice?

Do people like cola drinks really like ice? I don't think so! But we all like the refreshing and refreshing cool.

As we all know, in the hot summer temperature, you will find that the cold drink in a pot or cup become cold rapidly. If you add ice in the drink, it will be diluted and affect the taste. It's not as good as fresh water.

So, is there any way to keep the ice cold and ice free?

Now, there is a new and strange fast cooling cup, which can reduce the base temperature to about -11 C in 60s. It makes you feel cool with his last mouthful.


Fast refrigeration mechanism

CupCooler is esay to use, do not need time to prepare. When the power switch is switched on, the temperature of the base metal dial will drop to -11 degrees within 60 seconds.

Refrigerating a cup of room temperature drinks is 6 times faster than the refrigerator, so that you can drink delicious cold drinks faster.

Whether you are a game of chicken, or go to work, CupCooler can keep the drink in your glass at 0-5 degrees C.

High tech materials

CupCooler adopts the high conductive aluminum cup with special quality, which can make the beverage in the cup high efficiency refrigeration, and the chassis heat sink is selected by air grade material to ensure the excellent cooling effect.

Ingenious design

The size of the body of the aluminum cup is specially customized, the inner diameter of the cup mouth is 67mm, and the size design is in line with the majority of bottled and canned drinks on the market.

Compared with most chillers on the market, it is a small device with a small footprint and can make more room for your desktop.

Easy to use

In the aluminum cup, you can pour the drinks directly, or add some water in it, then put them in cans or bottled drinks for refrigeration.

This summer, you no longer need to put ice in the ice to keep your drinks cold and make your mouth feel bad. There is no need to worry about the drinks being frozen and eager to finish it. You can sit there comfortably and enjoy the cool feeling of every drink.

A long conversation with a good friend is a long lasting wine. Every drink is a friendship.

Even ice cream can be savored slowly and without fear of melting.

With this CupCooler cooling cup, the last bite is cool. Coke can only be a third of the ice.

Introduce video:

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