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Giveaway Microwear H5 4G smartwatch
Issuing time:2018-01-17 15:22


Activity time : Jan 9 to Fed 5

We will drag the winner on Feb 6 and post news at Microwear and facebook official then contact to the winner to send the watch to the lucky dog.

How to join in ?

1. Click & Check our social media then Follow us, share it to your friends

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2.Register as our member at Microwear.com so that we could give news to you in time.


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Update 2018.3.16

Masaomi Kimura    kimura******@outlook.com

We will contact to Mr Masaomi and arrange the shipment of H5 smart watch to you soon :)

Drawing process video, please go to youtube

Do not forget to follow our facebook and register as our members if you also would like to be the lucky winner in the next time :)



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