Microwear Smartwatches FAQ
  1. FAQ about Microwear H1 & H2

    1. How to connect my phone with H1(H2) ?

    Click on the link to mobile phone icon, appear the interface for connecting the android phone, scroll left appear the iPhone.


    How to connect you H1 with your phone?

    1. Open the H1  Bluetooth function on H1 then Find the QR code at your H1 watch, click it to show full size

    2. Then pen Bluetooth on your phone , open funfit app , go to more and then connect watch .

    3. Click Scan It button to scan your H1 QR code , then H1 start connecting with you phone.

    Please read the instructions to connect the android mobile phone interface, click the QR code is displayed QR code picture, connect the iPhone interface to click open the prompt "Remote connection is already open"


    (a) When Android phone connect the watch via Funfit App by Bluetooth, open the Funfit fist, tap watch assistant, then connect watch, Scan the OR code, it will build the connection successfully.

    (b) When an iPhone connect the watch via Funfit by Bluetooth, turn on the Remote Connection first, then build the Bluetooth connection via Remote connection.

  2. Why it is hard  to use GPS on H1( H2 or L1 ) to get my location ?

    When you use GPS in outdoor for the first time, better not wearing in hand before it get location and it takes about 2 minutes to get location and then you can wear it on your hand.

    Note: Please go the empty place to use GPS.

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